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Angelic Soul Healing Painting

Bring The Pieces of Who you Are Back Together

Angelic Soul Healing may help you overcome past experiences in which you may feel as if you lost part of yourself. Through Angelic Soul Retrieval, Mary Fuxa helps you conquer your fears and recover from traumatic incidents. A session usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes. However, for the complete effect and healing may take four or more weeks. Each session costs $111.

What is Angelic Soul Healing

Angelic Soul Healing is a process to reintegrate parts of the soul, which have been left behind, trapped or separated from the individual. Often times these separations are results of physical or emotional trauma that have occurred over the course of a person's lifetime. The causes of soul fragmentation include:

• Child Abuse • Physical, Emotional, or Sexual Abuse • Childhood Trauma • Injury or Abduction • Surgery • Divorce • Loss of a Loved One • Suicidal Attempts • Sexual Assault • Accidents

Symptoms of Soul Fragmentation

Identify the warning signs of soul fragmentation before it's too late. Soul fragmentation comes in many different forms. Most people never know they have broken spirits until later on in their lives when the damage is great. Symptoms of soul fragmentation include, but are not limited to:

Memory Gaps • Chronic Depressions • Feelings of Numbness • Feelings of Emptiness • Alcoholism • Addictions • Detachment • Feeling Stuck in Life

How It Works

In this session, Mary asks the Angelic Kingdom and Spiritual Hierarchy to help in retrieving, purifying, and integrating your missing soul essence back into your body. You need to answer a few questions, as well as read some prayers as part of the healing process. The experience for each person varies and some clients may slowly recover forgotten memories and resurface when it is the right time. This makes Angelic Soul Healing not appropriate for everyone, but if you are drawn to it, please do not hesitate to contact Mary Fuxa for questions and clarifications.

Disclaimer: This or any of the sevices received at Light Body Works...Energy Healing For Body & Soul, is not intended to be a substitute for Medical care, counseling, medication or therapy. There are no guarantees to outcomes.

Take It from Our Clients

The experience of taking a session differs from each client. Common feedbacks after taking the treatment include feeling:

• Peaceful • Filled with Love • Whole • Giddy • Warm • Lighter

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