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The Energy that Surrounds Us

Using therapeutic touch among a variety of methods, Light Body Works... Energy Healing For Body & Soul in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, helps you fill your mind, body, and soul with positive energy. To free your entire being of negativity, this treatment is customized to meet your personal needs. It incorporates research, years of experience, intuitive information, and compassionate healing, whether on human or animals. Understand the benefits of this individualized therapy and learn more about negative energy and how it affects you.

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Man Struggling With His Demons

Manifestations of Negative Energy

It is a well-known fact that we are greatly affected by everything around us. We improve our health and stay happy by eating right, exercising, and generating positive energy. However, sometimes, this is not enough. Since we constantly interact with the things around us, our energies mix and mingle, unknowingly taking on vibrations that are not our own. These foreign vibrations manifest into various problems like:

Health Issues • Depression • Lack of Energy • Severe Mood Changes • Inability to Move Forward • Smoking • Alcoholism • Drug Addiction • Gambling

Attracting Negative Energy

While the latter are manifestations of physical causes, it may also be possible that you are influenced by external energies. These energies are out of your control and it is necessary that you seek help to remove them. Certain life experiences make you more susceptible to attracting these energies, some of these include, but are not limited to:

Experiencing Serious Trauma including Birth, Abuse, Surgery, Bullying, and Accidents
Having a History of Addictive Behaviors Like Sex, Gambling, Drugs, Alcohol, Etc.
Experiencing Organ Transplant, Near Death Experience, or Loss of Consciousness
Performing or Participating in Dark Magic, Satanic Rituals, or Even Using an Ouija Board
Becoming Obsessed with Horror Movies, Excessively Violent Video Games, Music, DVDs, and Books
Having a Co-Dependent Relationship with Others