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Healing Touch: An Energy-Based Touch Therapy

Healing Touch can help improve your life by clearing, balancing  and enhancing your energy bodies. As a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Mary has helped many people improve their quality of life and recover their happiness and positive outlook with the help of a Healing Touch therapy.  Light Body Works... Energy Healing For Body & Soul in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, offers a non-invasive, all-natural, energy-based touch therapy to support your body's self-healing process. This treatment is supported by research and endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association. Please take note that healing Touch is not a replacement for medical treatment; rather it is considered complementary to traditional medical care.

Why Healing Touch

Receive the full benefits of Healing Touch today. This method of therapy promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This treatment is beneficial for:

• Dealing with Grief
• Managing Stress & Pain
• Curing Chronic Illness
• Maintaining Wellness
• Coping with Anxiety & Depression
• Developing Spiritual Balance & Growth
• Bringing Joy Back into Your Life
• Returning to Normal after Childbirth
• Helping You Become "Unstuck" in Life
• Strengthening the Immune System
• Getting through Cancer Treatment
• Helping with Pain & Healing After Surgery
• Preparing the Body & Mind before Surgery
• Recovering From Major Illness Such as Heart Attack or Stroke

Sick Woman and Mary Touch Healing

What to Expect

Before the treatment begins, you are asked to rest on a either a recliner at home or a massage table. There is also a discussion about your goals and intentions. After an initial assessment, the treatment starts and during this time, you may feel very relaxed and fall asleep. Some clients report feeling heat or cold under the practitioner's hands, or feel energy moving through their body. Tuning forks, crystals and essential oils may also be incorporated into the treatment. Each client's experience is different and may vary each session. Energy Healing may be done in person or "Distant". For a Distant session, a pre treatment assessment is done per phone and a time for the energy healing is set.  A follow-up phone call is made after the session to discuss it and answer any questions the client may have.  

The Road to a Full Recovery

Upon completion, the client is encouraged to discuss their experience and the practitioner also shares insight. Most often the clients are told to return for another treatment when they feel it is appropriate. For clients undergoing cancer treatment or dealing with pain, more frequent sessions may be recommended. Suggestions may be made to further enhance the experience, such as:

Keeping a Journal •  Making Positive Affirmations •  Meditating
Praying • Reading a Book • Watching a DVD

Negotiable Pricing

Light Body Works... Energy Healing For Body & Soul believes that everyone should be able to receive the benefit of Healing Touch. If you cannot afford the standard pricing, please do not hesitate to contact Mary Fuxa. She will give you a sliding scale and negotiate with you on suitable ways to pay for the services.  And if you pay for six sessions, you get the seventh session for free. The prices for each session are as follows:

• 30 minutes—$45  • 60 Minutes—$80. • 90 Minutes—$120.  • 120 Minutes—$160.

If a client desires intuitive guidance recieved during the session, prices are as follows:

15 minutes---$20  30 minutes---$40.   60 minutes---$80.