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Healing Hands

A Experienced Healing Hand

Owned by Mary Fuxa in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, Light Body Works... Energy Healing For Body & Soul offers various alternative medicine practices. Mary Fuxa, RN, BSN, has been in the nursing field for more than 30 years. Working primarily in Obstetrics, she has had the honor of working with women and their families in all aspects of the birthing process. She also served as a clinical instructor in the OB unit. Mary has a wonderful, supportive family consisting of her husband Don, three grown children and their spouses, seven grandchildren, one cats, two "grand-dogs and four grand-cats".

A Passion to Heal and Help Others

Mary has been passionate in helping others from the very beginning. Now that she has established her business, her passion to serve grows even stronger as she begins to share this passion with others.
Mary says, "As the owner and operator of Light Body Works...Energy Healing For Body & Soul, I take pride in the services offered here and strive to make your visit individualized and enjoyable. My whole life has been dedicated to serving the needs of others and I continue to do so with customers each and every day."

Mary's Beginnings

Mary's passion for healing began when she was only 4 years old, living in a farm. She held a belief that if you gave your unconditional love to those who need it, you can heal them. This strong desire to help others led her to nursing. For many years it was a wonderful way to assist others. However, later on it became clear that her time with the patients was becoming more task-orientated and less of personal contact.

Discovering Healing Touch

Feeling the need to find a better way to help others, she began to explore other options like holistic nursing. It was through this that she found "Healing Touch". After taking the first class she knew it was for her. It was everything she believed in offered in a mainstream continuing education format, backed up by research. Now, Mary had a way to offer this modality in a credible and acceptable manner to those unfamiliar of energy work.

Moving Forward

After finishing her classes on Healing Touch, Mary continued her study with "Healing Touch for Animals". As she puts it, "The learning will never stop and the healing techniques will grow and change as well, all for the benefit of the recipient".  Her personal experience with spontaneous healing and alternative healing methods has motivated her to become a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. Now having established her own business, Mary continues to inspire and aid the people around her, doing what she loves the most.